We are John and Katherine Sakovich, and we love wood-turning.

John has always had a love for wood-working and I’ve always enjoyed making things.  We wanted something we could do together as we near retirement.  I honestly did not think we’d find something we both like. But we did! What a blessing!! A few years ago John took a pen making class and loved it.  He talked me into trying it, and I fell in love with it too.
There is just nothing like taking a block of wood and making it into something beautiful.  At least most of the time it’s beautiful :-). We are always learning and improving our technique.
We also work with Acrylic, Corian, Palmetto (South Carolina state tree), and Pinecones.
It is a joy to see someone’s face when they receive a pen or some other item we’ve made.  It brings us great pleasure.

Another small tidbit of info about us… in case you’re wondering….Pisati is the Serbian-Croatian word for writing.  We wanted to use a word that has a connection to us.  John’s father came to America from Croatia when he was 13 years old.  Heritage is important to us and it’s something we want to incorporate into our business and share with others.

When we began our business in 2013 we had no plans of retiring any time soon so when the opportunity arose for us to go ahead and get the business going we took the bull by the horn and moved forward.

A tidbit about our logo.  We wanted a unique one-of-a-kind logo so when we came across ShirdDArt we knew we’d found the person to create it.   Shirley DuRant creates word art with watercolor.  Check out her Facebook page and Etsy shop.  We absolutely love our logo!!

Thank you for joining us as we continue on this wonderful journey.

Peace and Blessings
John and Katherine


PS –
This is Buddy, our other family member.  He makes sure we are enjoying life even when we aren’t creating something in our woodshop :-).


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